Posted August 21, 2020 at 5:43 am

Hey everyone! Safe to say it’s been a while, and we’re sorry for the radio silence.

The last few months have been strange and hectic for everyone, and we personally have been juggling a huge workload on top of it. Short version is we overbooked ourselves (two graphic novels at the same time, along with Slipshine, and other monthly obligations) and lost track of time for anything else. We were expecting Maskless’s buffer to last until we had time to finish Chapter 4, but due to Covid deadlines getting moved around and pushed back, the tiny amount of wiggle room we had scheduled to draw Maskless was slowly eaten up.

We’d like to say that Maskless will be back soon, but the reality is it’s going to be another few months until we’ll have time to work on it, and we apologize for that. We’d been set on keeping a consistent posting schedule and that’s just not happening now without it impacting our health. We hope you’ll stick around until then! We’re really excited for how Maskless is shaping up, and hope you’ll all enjoy it to once we can continue the story again.

-Kelly and Nichole